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October 28, 2009



Yes the cold is bad in some parts and many people lying without warm and woolen feel the chill...it is time we think about many others around us as well.

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There is a clear correlation between access to safe water and GDP per capita. However, some observers have estimated that by 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water-based vulnerability. A recent report (November 2009) suggests that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, water demand will exceed supply by 50%.


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The insulation of pipe is a way how to make sure that your pipe is functioning properly. The water heater should also go to the process of insulating. For you to know what are you going to do in case of improperly function of the water heater.

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We have a poured aggregate foundation (basically cement mixed with a bunch of crap). It had some spots that we repaired and we used a product called Xypex from Home Depot to coat and waterproof the entire foundation. It bonds to the concrete vs. a painted product like Drylok that just sits on the surface and flakes off over time.


Great list of things to be done in time that cold season just arrived. I really appreciate it. And i hope many articles are soon to be posted.

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