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August 09, 2010


Jim Jones

How can these weather folks keep their jobs. For the third week in a row they have been way off. They predict below 100 degrees for three weeks and then, every day, including two record breaking days last week, it is over 100. Now they state there is no chance of a monsoon because of weather conditions and we get rain and storms that, for some areas have given us more sustained rain and more rain that at any single time this whole Monsoon season.

I can't imagine being this consistently off on forecasting and holding a job anywhere else....see cut and paste directly out of their predictions below
"This week the chances of monsoon storms are low because of a trough hanging out over the west coast.

A trough is a dip in the jet stream, which allows cool, dry air from the north to flow south.

Southeast Arizona is on the eastern edge of the trough.

This is close enough to for the moist tropical air present from the bottom to the top of the atmosphere to be displaced to the east.

While the dew points at the surface are still in the 50s and 60s, dry air high up in the atmosphere is gobbling up most of the moisture rising during the heat of the day.

This kills the monsoon storms."


so how is the weather down there right now here in Washington state its 30 degrees with freezing fog

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